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I don't know if anyone will actually use this list but I thought you might want to sort the movies by their rating so here we go. This is not 100% accurate and slightly harder to do since different countries use different rating systems and on top of that a movie rated PG in Germany often is rated PG-13 in the states for mild sexual reference or bad language. Ratings are roughly assigned to the same age range. so G = U = FSK:0

I will do my best to find out the proper ratings in each country but if I can't do that I have to go with the rating on the DVD which might turn out to be different from the rating this movie has in your country.

Just click on the rating and you will be redirected to the list of movies reviewed under that rating ;) If you can't click a rating, it's because I have not yet reviewed any movie with this rating but I do own movies of all ratings.

Ratings in different Countries
UK Germany
PG-1312 & 12AFSK: 12
R15FSK: 16
N-1718FSK: 18
Not ratedNot RatedUnbekannt


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