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Please be aware that I will not post every actor's name that stars in the movie. Most likely it's going to be the main characters that get listed here or - if it is an actor I'm particularly fond of - certain actors get listed even though they might not act a big part in the movie. I guess you'll get the drift once the list is coming together.

I have the tendency to by movies based on the actors that are in the movie. Since I do that a lot more often with actors than with actresses, the list of actors I find interesting is a lot longer and probably at some point will be divided up into smaller parts. They are sorted according to Name, Fist Name.

Some actors I actually collect, meaning I try to get my hands on every movie they participated in. Actors with more than 10 movies or actors I recently decided to collect will get their own post but are also listed here.

List coming as soon as I start posting the first batch of reviews.


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